Ad spend in Datascape

Datascape reports aggregated ad spend data for all your campaigns. Use Datascape to:

  • Retrieve ad spend data from a wide number of partners.
  • Build and customize your ad spend reports to your needs.
  • Access pre-made report templates that let you view your data conveniently with the ad spend source of your choice.

Get started

To start measuring ad spend in Datascape, follow these steps:

  1. Link your partner under DataWorks > Connections.
  2. Set up the widgets available in the different dashboards. For example: You could set up the Overview KPIs widget in the Overview dashboard.
  3. Additionally, you can set up a report in Datascape. Set up a report using the default templates or choose ad spend metrics and dimensions to create a report for more information.

Reporting in Datascape

With reports in Datascape you can filter your data down to granular levels. While almost all filters work with your spend reports, some have a bigger impact than others. The following are some of the filters that are important to understand.


Datascape stores ad spend data with explicit network IDs. These dimensions are Campaign ID, Adgroup ID, Source ID, and Ad ID.

We recommend you use the partner dimension, not network, in your reports. This is because some partners don't send a network name in their campaign data. If you use the network dimension, they will display as unknown in your reporting.

Network-specific dimensions reflect the granularity of how each network reports data. Dimensions with the (Network) suffix report data directly from the network.

Partner-supported dimensions

Partners report their own specific data points. The table below highlights which dimensions are supported by each supported partner.

Ad spend data cannot be broken down at the network level. This means it is not possible to view network-level data for a partner with multiple networks. In these cases, Adjust fills the network dimension with the default value: {Partner_name}(Ad Spend).

For example: the network dimension for Google Ads shows Google Ads (Ad Spend). It cannot show a network breakdown across Google Ads ACI and ACE.


Metrics identified as (Network) and (Attribution) report the data from their respective ad spend source. Certain other metrics will report data according to the ad spend source that you select. These are:

Ad spendTotal ad spend
eCPI (All)Effective cost per install
eCPI (Paid)Effective cost per paid install 
eCPCEffective cost per click
eCPMEffective cost per millie (one thousand impressions)
ROAS (All), (iAP), (Ad)Return on ad spend
ROIReturn on investment
RCRRevenue-to-cost ratio

The Installs (Paid), Clicks (Paid), and Impressions (Paid) metrics are unaffected by the ad spend source selected.