Partner connections

In Connections, you can connect Adjust to different partners for additional reporting services. This lets Adjust pull data from the connected partner to display alongside Adjust-recorded data, giving you a comprehensive view of your data.

Available services

Ad RevenueConnect this service to see mobile ad revenue and the real lifetime value of your users in Adjust.Adjust Growth Solution
Ad SpendConnect this service to see the amount of money spent on specific ad variations within a campaign or ad set in your reports.SpendWorks Base, Core, Enterprise, or Custom package
Audience BuilderConnect this service to share user lists and audience segments directly with eligible partners.Adjust Growth Solution
Bids and BudgetsConnect this service to update bids and budget of campaigns in Control Center.Adjust Growth Solution
Cloud Service (Export data)Connect this service to export Reports Service reports (Automate reports) to cloud services.Upon request
SKAdNetworkConnect this service to receive SKAN postbacks from partners, such as Facebook, Google, ironSource and Twitter) that don't send that automatically.All
Uninstall DetectionConnect this service to start measuring Android uninstall and reinstall data.All

Supported partner connections

The following table provides a complete list of partners you can connect to, available services, and data retention period.