Submit privacy details to Apple App Store

Apple wants to help users understand an app’s privacy practice before they download it. To achieve this, every app product page in the App Store lists what data types the app collects and whether that data links to the user or tracks them.

When your developer submits an app to App Store Connect, they need to answer Apple’s app privacy questions. This includes describing the practices of third-party partners, such as Adjust, whose SDK code is integrated into your app.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


  • Your answers should follow the App Store Review Guidelines and any applicable laws.
  • You are responsible for keeping your responses accurate and updated in App Store Connect.
  • You need to identify all possible data collections and uses - not just by the Adjust SDK but also by you and other third parties. This may include data collected and used only in limited situations, including what is not outlined here.

Data collection by Adjust’s SDK

Adjust’s SDK is configurable both in the data it sends you and how you use that data. You can decide what app data Adjust accesses based on how you configure and implement the Adjust SDK into your app. Although the SDK collects some data by default, you can always block or limit sending that data to Adjust.

For example: The Adjust SDK does NOT collect “Contact Info” by default. But if your app collects email addresses and sends that data to Adjust via custom parameters, then it means that Adjust collects “Contact Info” for your app.

The following table lists the data that Adjust collects by default. Make sure to compare this to your specific configuration of Adjust’s SDK and your data collection practices.

Data typesData collected by Adjust?
Contact Info
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Other User Contact Info
Health and Fitness
  • Health
  • Fitness
Financial Info
  • Payment Info
  • Credit Info
  • Other Financial Info
Location Info
  • Precise Location
  • Coarse Location
Sensitive InfoNo
User Content
  • Emails or Text Messages
  • Photos or Videos
  • Audio Data 
  • Gameplay Content
  • Customer Support
  • Other User Content
Browsing HistoryNo
Search HistoryNo
  • User ID
  • Device ID
Yes, Adjust collects Device ID data on your behalf.
  • Purchase History
Optional - Adjust can collect this data on your behalf if you configure it.
Usage Data
  • Product Interaction
  • Advertising Data
  • Other Usage Data
Yes, Adjust collects this data on your behalf.
Adjust collects session events by default. The other types of “Usage Data” are optional and Adjust can collect them on your behalf if you configure it.
  • Crash Data
  • Performance Data
  • Other Diagnostics Data
Other Data
  • Other Data Types
Yes, Adjust collects this data on your behalf. For example: Device metadata, such as OS version and Adjust SDK version.

Data used by Adjust

The following table lists the purposes for which Adjust uses data.

PurposeAdjust use
Third-Party AdvertisingOptional - Adjust can share data with entities who display third-party ads in your app if you configure the integration.
Developer’s AdvertisingOptional - Adjust can share data with you or other entities who display first-party ads in your app if you configure the integration.
Product PersonalizationOptional - Adjust can share data with you that is used for product personalization, if you choose to export the relevant data.
App FunctionalityYes
Other PurposesNo

Data linked to the user

The "Personal Data" that Adjust collects is linked to a user’s device. All data that Adjust stores is discarded within 28 days. If data is kept for longer, it is kept in a hashed format.

When permitted by Apple's guidelines, Adjust can give you the ability to associate the data it collects with an Advertising ID or other device identifiers. Any associations you make with Adjust data to unique user identifiers, such as user ID or account ID, are unique to your practice and are at your own discretion.


Adjust's Audiences solution collects and keeps the IDFA.

Privacy manifest

iOS 17 introduced Privacy manifests, a mechanism that informs the App Store of your app's privacy requirements.


With SDK v4.38.0, Adjust includes a Privacy Manifest with the SDK. You should consult Apple's own documentation to determine what needs to be provided for your app to meet Apple's requirements.

A privacy manifest generates a report giving developers an overview of the frameworks and permissions required by the app and its dependencies. The Adjust SDK's manifest will be listed alongside your app's manifest to give a full overview of your app's privacy requirements. When you submit a build, the App Store reads the combined manifest. This means you don’t need to enter privacy details manually..