Adwords Search campaigns on Android do not allow redirects and must be implemented with a specific type of tracker URL. These URLs will not use the typical Adjust redirect. Instead, they will pass the Adjust data to your SDK via the Android referrer. Instructions for implementing these URLs can be found below.


To begin, please ensure that your SDK is configured to catch the Android install referrer.

You can start tracking Android search campaigns with the following steps:

  1. Create the trackers you want to use for your Android search campaigns. It’s recommended that you use network-level trackers.

  2. Use the generator below to create the correct final URLs from these trackers.

  3. Place the generator output as the Final URLs of your Adwords Search campaigns for Android.

  4. Google will forward the referrer data to your app, which the SDK will use.

The final tracker URL should be designed to include the parameters from the tracking template as an encoded string in the referrer parameter. These encoded parameters should also be prefixed with adjust_. Additionally, you must include the tracker token in the adjust_tracker parameter.

You can manually generate a URL by following the above steps, however we strongly recommend that you use the URL Generator below.

2URL generation tool

First, enter your trackers.

Enter the trackers that you would like to use with Adwords Search on Android. We recommend that you use network-level trackers.

This tool will add all required and standard tracking parameters – you don’t need to use a tracking template filled out for Google.

Check this box if you would like to append standard tracking template parameters to campaign, adgroup, and creative. Uncheck this box if you have customized values in these parameters that diverge from the recommended standards.

Next, add your Play Store URL.

This is the URL for your app in the Play Store (using https). This is the location your users are immediately redirected to.

Copy or save the output.

This generates the URL format you should use as the URLs for your Adwords campaigns.

You can also download this as a CSV file.

3Including callbacks in the referrer

This tool does not support adding Adjust callbacks into the referrer. If you would like to include callbacks, you can manually add them with the following steps:

  1. Create your desired callback.

  2. Encode it twice using this tool.
    Do not encode google valuetrack parameters such as {keyword}, {campaignid}, {matchtype}, etc.

  3. Place this after the required callback type with the format as follows:





  4. Copy it into the Google Referrer in the final URL.

The following is an example of a final URL with a callback in the referrer:{network}%26adjust_google_placement%3D{placement}%26adjust_campaign%3D{campaignid}%26adjust_adgroup%3D{adgroupid}%26adjust_creative%3D{keyword}_{matchtype}{matchtype}