Adjust can track pre-install campaigns using Android’s broadcast capabilities. Use our referrer tracking to display these campaigns in your Adjust Dashboard reporting and automatically send callback data to any third party. Find out how to configure your app below.

Note: To track pre-install campaigns using the Android referrer, your app release must contain the Adjust SDK version 4.12 or later.

Note: The following page contains examples using a minimum-length tracker token. Always use the entire tracker token as displayed in your Adjust Campaign Wizard.

1How to track pre-install campaigns using the Android referrer

To track pre-install campaigns, you will need to make use of Android’s install_referrer intent. (This intent is also used by Google to notify the Adjust SDK of app installs from the Google Play Store). If the third-party store has configured this intent correctly, it will fire upon app install; all you need to do is ensure your app is listening for it.

Instruction for Adjust account owners

  1. Ensure your developer has configured the Adjust SDK’s broadcast receiver to receive the INSTALL_REFERRER intent
  2. Give the third party or network access to your Dashboard to create trackers or create and share your tracker URLs with them

Once you have implemented the INSTALL_REFERRER broadcast receiver and submitted your app and tracker URL to the third party, Adjust will begin to receive install information and report it through your Adjust Dashboard. Your campaign structure data will be reported under the source and campaign information provided in the intent.

Instructions for third parties

Once you have have received the necessary tracker information from your client, you can configure your app store app as follows:

  1. Set up your store to know of app installs. This can be done in a number of ways and you can do it in whichever way you wish. Some example methods:
    • Subscribe to the broadcast receiver for an INSTALL_REFERRER
    • A third-party app if it is capable of detecting installs
  2. Set up a broadcast of an INSTALL_REFERRER intent (see here)

Once you have implemented the INSTALL_REFERRER, Adjust can receive install information and report it through the Adjust Dashboard. Adjust will also send callbacks for source and campaign information to any endpoint specified within the referrer (see the examples below).

1.1Required and additional parameters

Through the INSTALL_REFERRER intent, you pass Adjust key information so that we can categorize the attribution data appropriately. You are required to include the source of the install (adjust_store or adjust_preinstall; these are interchangeable) and the Adjust tracker token. You can also include campaign information up to three sublevels deep (see the examples below).

Important notes for third parties or networks:

  • Any information following referrer= must be encoded
  • Any callback URLs included within the referrer must be double encoded
Required parameters
Parameter Value
utm_source adjust_store or adjust_preinstall (these are interchangeable)
adjust_tracker Adjust tracker token, e.g., abc123
Campaign parameters
Parameter Value
adjust_campaign campaign_name
adjust_adgroup adgroup_name
adjust_creative creative_name
Callback parameters

Example referrer intent


Note: this referrer intent includes a callback, which is double encoded