The Adjust Purchase Verification feature combines with our Fraud Prevention Suite to protect your data from being distorted by illegitimate activity.

1Countering in-app purchase fraud

In-app purchase fraud is the delivery of content to people that haven’t actually paid, which creates inflated revenue numbers within your dashboard and distorts your revenue reports. It is built with a separate SDK with one method: “Validate Purchase”, which facilitates real-time synchronous checks of transaction and receipt (iOS) or payload (Google), to ensure the legitimacy of your data.

Adjust’s Purchase Verification feature provides you with:

  • Real time revenue reporting of in-app purchases, premium content, and upgrades.
  • Recognition of fake receipts.
  • Clean datasets: reported revenue aligns with actual revenue.
  • Better audience targeting based on accurate data as you shouldn’t buy users who defraud in-app purchases.
  • Data that is critical for the most accurate calculation of your ROI.

2Activating Adjust Purchase Verification

  1. In your dashboard under your app’s settings click on Purchase Verification.
  2. Activate purchase Verification by toggling the Active switch.
  3. For auto-renewable iTunes subscriptions, enter your iTunes Shared Secret in the field below.
  4. Upload your Google Play Store Credentials as required. (explained further below)

3Integrating the Adjust Purchase Verification SDK


iOS Purchase Verification is relatively simple.

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Adjust iOS SDK and contact your Account Manager to activate Purchase Verification on a per-app basis.
  2. Integrate the iOS Purchase SDK into your app. Follow the Readme for detailed setup instructions.

Once these steps are completed, Purchase Verification for iOS will be activated.


Purchase verification for Android requires some additional setup.

First, make sure you are using the latest version of the Adjust Android SDK. Follow the Readme for detailed setup instructions.

You can then begin activation with the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Developers Console and pick a project or create a new one
  2. Under API & Auth, pick Credentials, then add credentials for a Service account
  3. Pick the key type JSON and download the credentials file
  4. Upload this file via your Adjust dashboard: Settings > Purchase Verification
  5. Sign in to the Google Play Developers Console
  6. Navigate to Settings > API access
  7. Link the project you selected or created in Step 1
  8. Under Service Accounts section, click Grant Access next to the account you created in steps 2-9
  9. Pick Finance permissions and click OK

Note that to access purchase status permissions in your Google Developers Console, your account must be set to Finance permissions and you must be able to view financial reports.

Once these steps are completed, Purchase Verification for Android will be activated.