Please see the details of Oath Ad Platforms integration below.

1Conversion tracking overview

This setup is completed when you go through the following steps.

  1. Activate the Oath Ad Platforms module in your Adjust dashboard to sync all relevant data with Oath Ad Platforms.

    See the section below.

  2. With this setup, your campaigns will be correctly tracked, and Adjust will track conversions from Oath Ad Platforms.

2Activating the Adjust Oath Ad Platforms module

Adjust has a server-side module, allowing Oath Ad Platforms campaigns to be properly integrated. This module needs to be configured as a first step.

When you activate the integration, Adjust immediately opens a connection to Oath Ad Platforms to share data and to correlate Oath Ad Platforms ad activity with converting app users. No trackers are required to be created manually for Oath Ad Platforms campaigns, they will be created concurrently as traffic is driven by these campaigns.

  1. Navigate to your app’s Settings > Partner Setup > Add Partners > Oath Ad Platforms.

  2. For each app, enter your store App ID into the App ID field. We’ll then transmit installs to Oath Ad Platforms.

3Oath Ad Platforms campaign structure

Oath Ad Platforms offers a set campaign structure:

campaign name (campaign id)::adgroup name (adgroup ID)::creative name_site ID (creative ID)

4Forwarding events to Oath Ad Platforms

You can also choose to transmit in-app events to Oath Ad Platforms. Each in-app event can be activated separately, so as to give you complete control of the data that you’re sharing with your partners.

  1. Go to your app’s Settings > Partner Setup > Oath Ad Platforms

  2. Enter your store app ID and Pixel ID and navigate to the Event Linking tab to start sending all linked events to Oath Ad Platforms.

  3. Enter a label or choose a name from the dropdown menu for the name and category of each event you want to transmit to Oath Ad Platforms. This is the label that will be used in the Oath Ad Platforms interface. You can use the same names as you do in the Adjust dashboard, if you wish. You can use the same text label for multiple events. This will result in those events displaying as a single event type in the Oath Ad Platforms interface.

  4. As soon as you hit save, Adjust will start transmitting the in-app events that you have configured.


Oath Ad Platforms offers different types of attribution models, click- or impression-based. To activate impression-based tracking simply do so in your app settings of the dashboard

Once you’ve configured the data that you’d like to transmit, we’ll automatically start sending callbacks to Oath Ad Platforms for all installs received by our servers.