Please see the details of Yahoo Japan Search integration below.

1Conversion tracking overview

This setup is completed when you go through the following steps.

  1. Activate the Yahoo Japan Search module in your Adjust dashboard to sync all relevant data with Yahoo Japan Search.

    See the section below.

  2. Configure callbacks to Adjust in your Yahoo Japan Search dashboard to allow Adjust to receive full conversion data. See the section below.

  3. With this setup, your campaigns will be correctly tracked, and Adjust will track conversions from Yahoo Japan Search.

2Activating the Adjust Yahoo Japan Search module

Adjust has a server-side module, allowing Yahoo Japan Search campaigns to be properly integrated. This module needs to be configured as a first step.

  1. You’ll find the module settings in your App Settings. Navigate to Partner Setup > Add Partners > Yahoo Japan Search.

  2. For each app, enter your Yahoo Japan Search conversion ID and respective conversion labels for install, which can be found in your Yahoo Japan Search campaign setup. We’ll then transmit installs to Yahoo Japan Search. The conversion labels are generated by creating conversion events in your Yahoo Japan Search dashboard.

Once you’ve configured the data that you’d like to transmit, we’ll automatically start sending callbacks to Yahoo Japan Search for all installs received by our servers.

Having activated the Adjust module, you should now setup your Yahoo Japan Search campaigns in your Yahoo Japan Search dashboard.

The Yahoo Japan Search postback will notify Adjust of certain key attribution events. Your postback in your Yahoo Japan Search dashboard should be set up as follows:{adid}&lat={lat}&click_ts={click_ts}&click_url={click_url}

This postback url is valid for both iOS and Android.