In addition to measuring your in-app revenue, Adjust can track your mobile advertising spend at the most granular campaign sublevels. We’ve integrated with some of the most notable ad networks in the industry to dynamically receive your ad spend and display ad spend metrics in the Adjust UI. With detailed spend data in your Adjust Dashboard, you can identify your most cost-effective channels and allocate your budget towards the highest performing campaigns. Continue reading for setup instructions and reporting details.

Please note: Ad spend data reporting is only available to Adjust clients with a Business Pro package or higher. To verify your current payment package, click here.

1How to track ad spend data with Adjust

You can view which networks support ad spend on our technology partners page by selecting the Ad Spend filter. If a partner appears here, you can track ad spend by creating or editing a tracker in the Adjust Campaign Wizard.

Instructions for existing tracker URLs

  1. Navigate to App Settings > (DATA MANAGEMENT) Trackers
  2. Select the settings (gear) icon beside any tracker that supports ad spend data (you will see a greyed out $ symbol if ad spend data is supported but not enabled)
  3. By the ad spend symbol ($), select Apply cost macros to tracker URL

Please copy this updated tracker URL from your Adjust Dashboard and submit it to the relevant ad network to update your currently running mobile ad campaign.

Instructions for new tracker URLs

For all ad-spend-supporting network partners linked through the Adjust Campaign Wizard, you can enable ad spend tracking at the time of tracker generation. Just follow our instructions for creating a customized tracker URL

If you are interested in receiving ad spend data from a partner that is not currently linked through the Adjust Campaign Wizard, then please reach out to to facilitate integration.

Note: To track ad spend with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and/or Tencent, you need to link an associated account to Adjust through the affiliated tab in your Adjust Account Settings.

2How to view your ad spend data in the Adjust Dashboard

In the Adjust Dashboard:

  1. Select App Statistics
  2. Select the Cost tab

3How to interpret your data in the Adjust Dashboard

Below is a description of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you will see in the Cost section of your Statistics tab and an explanation of how these metrics are calculated.

Cost KPI Description
Click cost* The sum of click costs
Impression cost* The sum of impressions costs
Install cost* The sum of install costs
Impressions (paid) The total number (not mille) of impressions for which there is cost data
Clicks (paid) The number of clicks for which there is cost data
Installs (paid) The number of installs for which there is cost data
eCPM Effective cost per mille (thousand impressions), i.e. cost / paid_impressions * 1000
eCPC Effective cost per click, i.e. cost / paid_clicks
eCPI Effective cost per install, i.e. cost / paid_installs
Revenue (cohort) The revenue generated by installs within the cohort
Cost The sum of click_cost + impression_cost + install_cost
Gross Profit The gross profit, i.e. cohort_revenue - cost
ROI The ROI metric derived by cohort_gross_profit / cost

*These do not appear in the Dashboard, but they are used to calculate KPIs that do.

Please note that Facebook does not send any information about country with its ad spend data. This means that, if you select Country or Region in the group-by filter, all your ad spend data will show up as unknown. Furthermore, should you attempt to isolate specific countries in the country filter, no data will populate.

4How to forward ad spend data with Adjust’s raw data exports

With Adjust’s ad-spend-related placeholders (listed below), you can receive raw ad spend data through real-time callbacks to your BI system or Amazon S3 bucket. You can append these macros to your ad spend callback string or include the ad spend event in your CSV upload and add these placeholders to your CSV definition to receive details on inventory type, amount spent, and the relative currency.

Adjust Placeholder Possible values delivered
{cost_type} CPI, CPC or CPM
{cost_amount} 1.00 (where 0.01 is one cent)
{cost_currency} EUR, USD, CNY, JPY, etc. For a full list of supported currency values, click here.
{reporting_cost} 1.00; the cost amount converted to your app’s reporting currency and as reported through the Adjust Dashboard
{cost_id_md5} An MD5 hash of the cost ID provided by the network when using our ad spend API
{activity_kind} cost_update; sent when we receive a network’s ad spend information through our ad spend API following an engagement or install (use in global callbacks)
  • CPI: Cost per install
  • CPC: Cost per click
  • CPM: Cost per mille (thousand impressions)