Getting Started

Just signed up? The Getting Started guide shows you how to start using Adjust from scratch, going through key features in brief.

  • Setting up your apps
  • Integrating the SDK
  • Using your dashboard

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Managing Your Account

Need to change your password, find your invoices or edit your address? This guide walks you through everything you'll need to know to manage your account.

  • Modifying your account details
  • Billing periods and invoices
  • Adding multiple users

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Event Tracking

Adjust tracks any number of custom in-app events, which define interactions that users have in your app. This guide describes more closely how to use the custom events, how they can be best tracked and best-practice suggestions for common use cases.

  • Analyzing conversions through event tracking
  • Tracking revenues and purchases
  • Using proxy events for better CPA campaigns

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Campaign Wizard

The Adjust Campaign Wizard is where you can create and customize tracker URLs from within the Adjust Dashboard.

  • Structure your campaigns within Adjust’s four-tier hierarchy
  • Customize your trackers with cost data, deeplinks, redirects, fallback URLs, and more.
  • Configure attribution settings down to your adgroup level

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Tracker Generation

Adjust features a dynamic tracker system where you can freely define your segments and sources. The tracking URLs also host a fair amount of magic for things like dynamic redirects, deeplinking, callback data and more.

  • Planning your tracker structure
  • Adding campaign structure parameters to see creative and publisher IDs
  • Cross-platform trackers, fallbacks, deep links

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Third-party store and pre-install campaign tracking

Use Adjust's referrer tracking to display third-party store and pre-install campaigns in your Adjust Dashboard reporting and automatically send callback data to any third-party.

  • Track third-party store installs
  • Track pre-install campaigns
  • Send automatic callback data

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Working with Callbacks

Callbacks are webhooks that you can set up to send data to your own internal servers, allowing you to dig even deeper into your data.

  • Setting up real-time data exports to your servers
  • Adding parameters and encoding
  • Analyzing user-specific interactions, such as referrals

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Guide to Facebook Mobile Measurement

Adjust is a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner. Our Facebook guide details the key parameters of this API.

  • Setting up your Facebook Ads account
  • Using Adjust dashboards to read Facebook data
  • PMD integrations and callbacks

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Retargeting with Adjust

With Adjust, you can track your retargeting campaigns just as well as any other campaign. The retargeting guide specifies how to set your trackers up for reattribution.

  • Setting up tracking links for retargeting
  • Adding mandatory parameters
  • Setting reattribution windows

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Audience Builder

Audience Builder lets you create custom user lists for targeted advertising. Classify users based on their mobile app platform, device identification type, and in-app behavior.

  • Create custom user lists for targeting
  • Divide your audiences into unique groups
  • Share you audiences instantly with dynamic URLs

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Module Partners

A set of key networks and analytics partners have special modules integrated into Adjust, allowing you to provide these partners with particular datasets. Each of these modules and datasets are documented here.

  • Setting up callbacks to special partners
  • Complete reference to datapoints being shared
  • Tracker URL format

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Google Adwords Tracking

Adjust works closely with Google to make sure that your Adwords campaigns can be extensively integrated. The Google Adwords integration guide provides the full scoop on how to set up your campaigns to be tracked by Adjust.

  • Setting up your integration
  • Pulling in keywords and other segment data into Adjust
  • Campaign type compatibility

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Twitter Mobile App Conversion Tracking

Adjust is a Twitter Mobile App Conversion Tracking partner (MACT). This guide tells you how you can collect data on and analyze the performance of your Twitter Mobile App Install Ads, Twitter Engagement and Re-Engagement campaigns with Adjust - just easy as a tweet.

  • Activating your integration
  • Administrating Twitter Ads users
  • Re-engagement

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Cohort Analysis

Adjust offers you an extensive and flexible cohort analysis. This guide will help you understand cohorts and give you a deeper inside in you tracking data and your user behaviour.

  • Defining & understanding cohorts
  • Segmentation and cohorting options
  • KPI definitions

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KPI Service

The Adjust KPI Service is a pull API to Adjust, with which you can programmatically request statistics for the mobile apps you track with us.

  • Querying data over the pull API
  • Apps, Events, and Cohorts query types
  • Filtering & grouping

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Adjust can deep link your users to the right location seamlessly, including full tracking capabilities, deferred deep links, fallbacks, and conditional redirects.

  • Adding deep links to your trackers
  • Testing deep links, conditionally redirecting, and deferred deeplinking
  • Using other parameters in combination

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Impression Tracking

You can track impressions with Adjust with our specifically-designed impression attribution model, which takes into account how impressions and clicks are different. Impression tracking is an opt-in feature that can be activated on a per-app basis in your App Settings.

  • How Impression Tracking works
  • Activating Impression Tracking
  • Modifying tracker URLs for view-through attribution

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Tracking Ad Spend

Adjust can dynamically receive your ad cost at click or view time and display cost metrics in the Adjust UI. With detailed spend data in your Adjust Dashboard, you can identify your most cost-effective channels and allocate your budget towards the highest-performing campaigns.

  • How to send cost data to Adjust
  • How to view and interpret your cost data
  • Forward cost data with raw data exports

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Testing Console

The Adjust Testing Console allows you to easily verify raw device activity directly within your Adjust Dashboard.

  • Test that Adjust is tracking your installs
  • Ensure that in-app events are correctly configured
  • Clear test devices

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Fraud Prevention

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite is the first anti-fraud solution for mobile advertising. Adjust's Anonymous IP Filtering, Distribution Modeling and Purchase Verification protect your data from being distorted by illegitimate activity.

  • Activating Fraud Prevention
  • Fraud Prevention features
  • Viewing fraud data in your statistics

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Purchase Verification

The Adjust Purchase Verification feature is the industry leading event monitoring solution for mobile advertising. Purchase Verification ensures the legitimacy and accuracy of your event related data.

  • Purchase Verification funcitonality
  • Activating Purchase Verification

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SDK Signature

The Adjust SDK submits a digital signature (computed from an App Secret) to validate installs and protect your dataset from spoofed traffic. With the Adjust SDK Signature, you can be confident that your attribution dataset is accurate and secure.

  • Securely validate all installs
  • Protect against spoofed traffic

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