AD-Pure is a network partner.

Module partners can use additional and extended data from adjust, and have been integrated with a custom module in adjust's backend. This guide describes how to activate the AD-Pure module, as well as additional set up that may be required or beneficial.

To integrate AD-Pure with adjust, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the module by adding one or more tokens in the AD-Pure panel in your dashboard.
  2. Create a tracker for AD-Pure and use this as the destination of your ads.
  3. All set - adjust will transmit the requisite data to AD-Pure.

1Activating the AD-Pure module

All settings related to AD-Pure can be found in your dashboard. Simply open your app settings and follow through to Partner Setup > Add Partners > AD-Pure.

To activate the integration, enter your Customer ID within this panel. You can find the required values in your AD-Pure dashboard.

Once activated, adjust will automatically start sending install callbacks to AD-Pure.

1.1List of parameters transmitted to AD-Pure

AD-Pure require certain parameters to be passed to them via their module. When you activate their module, the following parameters will be automatically transmitted.

  • App metadata
  • Hashed device IDs
  • Timestamps
  • Country
  • Country subdivision
  • City
  • Timezone
  • Tracker token

2Creating tracker URLs for AD-Pure

AD-Pure uses standard tracker URLs. You can simply create a tracker in your adjust dashboard, and then use the tracker URL directly as the destination of your ads with AD-Pure.

For more details on creating tracker URLs, please check out the tracker generation guide.